Funny birthday wishes

The birthday is a time of joy and everyone should be happy on that day. It means that the sender of birthday wishes or the guest from the birthday party is allowed to send funny birthday wishes which will make happy the receiver of the wishes. On this website you will find the funniest birthday wishes.

1) The carpet on the floor and vodka on the table. Today we have great time because it is your birthday and we are celebrating it. Today, we will give gifts and we want you to have a good humor. Lots of love and a little anger and the house full of good guests.

2) On your birthday, on a joyful day, I would like to wish you: a lot of happiness and a good luck. Plenty of guests, many baskets of flowers, plenty of toasts and cheers. All the best for you!

3) Your Birthday Day is already coming, so I send you greetings. I hope that all my wishes will come true. I wish you from the depths of my heart a lot of happiness and joy, a hundred years, little anger, days of tranquility, full of comforts, lots of sun and many adventures.

4) Today you should be a queen and rest the whole day. You should listen to a lot of compliments and have all by a wave of your hand. Even when you look at the sky and say that you want to have ‘it’ today, you will have everything, because it is your day.

5) Today is your birthday so take the smile of your girlfriend. Smile and breakfast in the morning and in the evening kissing! All the best for you, loving…