Colloidal silver

There is a colloid that consists of water and masses of silver particles dissolved in it. It’s called colloidal silver: many people believe it’s a cure for all types of illness. This widely known homeopatic liquid remains a big mystery. How does it work and what does it cure?

Colloidal silver in medicine: beginnings of popular use

Along with many liquids and substances with silver salts, colloidal silver has been widely popular especially from the beggining of XXth century to its early and mid-forties. General public stopped using it shortly after development of modern antibiotics. Fotrunately, the silver as a medicine colloid has been reborn in consumers’ minds in early 90’s: advertised as a dietary supplement and a homeopatic cure everything method. To this day customers choose colloidal silver – and they don’t regret it!

Colloidal silver is your method to cure all your problems
The ways to use colloidal silver as a medicine cure
There are many various uses of this form of silver. Our customers use it as a medicine helping in dealing with cancer, certain allergies, flu, treating bacterial infections, viruses like pneumonia, HIV or herbes. But that is not everything! Did you know that regular use of colloidal silver may help you in protecting and curing your lung and skin conditions, in “chronic fatigue” syndrome, and in many more common problems that all XXIst centrury people struggle with? Check out this amazing method and stop struggling with irrationally expensive drugs.

Cosmetic use of colloidal silver

Many customers use it as a cosmetic tonic water and they apply it directly on the skin to cure acne and kill various bacteries on the surface of their skin. It is also useful in cases of serious sore throat and other throat-related illnesses.

Why do people believe in colloidal silver?

Many doctors warn their clients about misunderstanding colloidal silver’s influence on their body. They say it doesn’t perform any proved or atested and guaranteed actions in killing viruses, nor in curing all these types of illness. Why then all these people and reliable customers trust in colloidal silver? There must be something in it.


Colloidal silver has a very strong, laboratorily proven ability to kill certain germs. It’s particles bind to and destroy chosen proteins to help in curing illnesses and protect your organism. There are lots of unwritten proves of colloidal silver amazing effects on the body and our biggest prove is a still increasing number of delighted and happy customers who recomment this method to their families and friends.

Are there side effects?

For 99% of people there aren’t any side effects. Probably the best known, but not very common side effect of using colliodal silver is argyria: rare illness causing permanently blue skin (all surface or just fragments of person’s skin). More rare side effects of using this liquid are allergies and possibility of chemical reactions with other medicaments. They are very rare cases that need to be proven laboratorily.

What are the most important benefits of colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver has a lot of true believers, but not everybody would be eager to use this miraculous supplement. How to convince such undecided people? What are the most crucial colloidal silver benefits? In this text, we are going to point the most vital advantages of using this mixture.

What is colloidal silver? How to know its quality? Where to buy colloidal silver?

You can trust the dietary supplements that are allowed in pharmacies. These products have been legally approved, moreover, they have undergone strict trials and therefore we can be sure of the ingredients and solution purity. We strongly recommend to purchase the silver only in pharmacies (also in popular online pharmacy stores).

Colloidal silver – the key benefits

  • Enhances our immune system. Colloidal silver is ideal for people who do not tolerate antibiotics. Silver solution acts as a natural antibiotic, and what is the most important, it does not harm our digestive system.
  • Silver acts as a detoxicant (detoxicating agent) – we will be free of harmful pathogenic bacteria. Therefeore, we can finally get rid of chronic acne and other persistent skin problems! Just apply the silver solution onto the skin, same as with any cosmetic tonic lotion!
  • Alleviates the ailments of chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers – if you suffer from a mild to moderate depression and get tired easily, we recommend you to use colloidal silver. After the beginning of the treatment, almost all people improve their memory and cognitive abilities.

Improve your health with colloidal silver – the benefits

When traditional, academic medicine fails, it is useful to seek alternative, natural methods of treatment. Much hope is put in the superpower of minerals, such as colloidal silver, which is seen as a cure for many ailments. But wait… What is colloidal silver? Have you any idea what it might be?

If you are as healthy as a proverbial horse, you may probably not have heard of colloidal silver. This mineral dietary supplement is a medicinal product in a form of a liquid – namely, a solution that consist of silver nano-particles diluted in distilled water. It is said you can either buy it or do it yourself at home. However, it is not safe to use home-made solution. Would you risk poisoning? If so, where to buy colloidal silver? The answer is, you should visit a pharmacist and choose one of the officially registered medicinal products – they are safe and effective. You can trust their quality!

Is it a product for me? What are colloidal silver benefits?

Would you like to feel better, to improve your memory and cognitive abilities? Would you like not to fall ill with flu every autumn? Or have you ever dreamt of having a perfectly glowing skin without any imperfections? Do you finally want to be free from chronic fatigue and seasonal depression? You can achieve all these aims with just one simple substance. Start the colloidal silver treatment – with a trusted product, you have nothing to lose! Begin your pursuit of perfect health – take a pleasant journey to your full recovery! Mind the recommended dosage and watch out for the improvements!

Colloidal silver – a miraculous mixture

Not many people have heard of colloidal silver, even less of them have tried to use this substance. What is colloidal silver?

This term describes a mixture of silver nano-particles suspended in distilled (purified) water. About a century ago, colloidal silver served as germicide and disinfectant (silver was famous for its effective purification of water). Nowadays, it is a recognized dietary supplement and a homeopathic remedy for many various ailments and diseases.

Colloidal silver benefits and scope of usage
The substance fights many types of bacteria. It can be used as a natural antibiotic. From the wide range of substances that kills germs and fungi, colloidal silver is the least toxic for humans. Thanks to this solution, we can provide pufified drinking water for people in third world countries.
There are also advantages that can be visible for us – we can literally feel them! E.g. when we have depression or problems with our digestive system, the minimal oral dosage of colloidal silver will help us to get rid of the chronic fatigue and stomach problems. silver solution is also believed to be an effective treatment for some serious neurodegenerative diseases, such as multiple sclerosis. The MS sufferers have reported to feel more energetic from the very beginning and in the course of the treatment, their symptoms almost disappeared after eight to ten months. Isn’t it miraculous?

Where to buy colloidal silver?

Don’t risk your health – purchase only registered, trusted products – they are available in pharmacies. When any dietary supplement is legally approved as a medicinal product, it is also admitted for pharmacy distribution.

Colloidal silver side effects

Although colloidal silver can be almost a miracle and cure the most serious diseases, one should take care when beginning such a treatment. When side effects appear, we have to stop taking the mixture (either orally or in a form of a compress).

What is colloidal silver?

This is a solution that consists of silver particles diluted in purified (distilled) water. It is important to pay attention to the quality of the mixture (please see the section “where to buy colloidal silver”) – thanks to it, any poisoning or side effect appearance may be vastly diminished.

Potential side effects may outweigh colloidal silver benefits – how is it possible?

When taking any prescription medicine, you should be cautious. In particular, when you take anti-rheumatoid drugs or chemical antibiotics that have been prescribed by your doctor. It’s highly possible the effectiveness of these prescription drugs may decrease when taking colloidal silver (you shouldn’t, of course, cease your “traditional” treatment!). Remember that pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers can by no means try this kind supplementation as there are serious risks for the foetus or the newborn.

Argyria – the most known and the most harmful side effect

Altough colloidal silver as such is not a poison, mineral particles are gathered in human internal organs. As a result, skin may get discoloured, taking on a blueish colour. This condition is called argyria and starts inside the mouth. People with such a condition should protect their skin from direct sunlight, as there is a serious risk of an increasing discolouration.

Where to buy colloidal silver to avoid the risks described above?

Purchase only verified products from trusted sellers. For instance, any colloidal silver formula that is available in pharmacies, is really a solution you can apply, as there are strict procedures for the medicinal products to be officially registered.

Recommended colloidal silver products

Have you ever heard of a miraculous supplement which is even more effective and much more safe than any chemical anitbiotics? Not? This text will explain this mystery to you. What is colloidal silver? What are its benefits?

The scientist know that silver is famous for binding with proteins. In case of bacteria, it binds with the germs and destroys them. And colloidal silver consists
of these remarkable mineral nano-particles that are diluted in purified water. This means that colloidal silver is available as a liquid. This solution may vary in agent concentration (from 10 to 50 and more PPM) and is sold under different trade names, to enumerate just a few of them: MesoSilver, Ag100, Phyto Silver, Silver Boost, Silver Solution, Tetrasilver Tetroxide or Proteine d’Argent. As a cosmetic toning lotion, it is sold under ARGENTUM 37 PPM brand name. All these fluids are suitable for external use; in case of internal (oral) use you should read the product information on recommended initial dosage and on the optimal length of treatment.

Where to buy colloidal silver? Is the product genuine?

Go to a pharmacist or find an online drugstore. Items that are available there are officially registered medicinal products. If you purchase silver in a pharmacy, you can be sure about its purity and origin. When using such a solution, the advantages of the treatment will soon be visible and measurable. Don’t risk – if you want to experience colloidal silver benefits, just buy a trusted and fully safe product!

Where to buy colloidal silver? An useful guide

If you are seriously ill and craving for safe, natural methods of treatment, you shall get familiar with useful mineral solutions, such as silver proteins – have you ever heard of them? What is colloidal silver? It is a mineral particle solution – silver nano-crystals are diluted in distilled water. When the pros of this kind of alternative treatment are taken into account, the product may be a cure either for viral and bacterial diseases – it greatly boosts human immune system. People who suffer from multiple sclerosis or the Alzheimer’s disease should also consider the potential colloidal silver benefits. Of course, the most crucial decision is the choice of a product – a genuine and efficacious one. You should avoid any contaminations and therefore it is important to look for an officially ackonowledged colloidal solution.

Are these products really safe? Where to buy colloidal silver?

Find a pharmacy, either a traditional or on-line shop. All products that are available there are registered medicinal products. In most countries, the procedures of this official admission into drug market are very strict – many items are declined. If a particular colloidal silver product has been admitted, it means that this is a safe on. No one should trust in“the allegedly miraculous colloidal silver products” that are available only on the manufacturer’s website. The rule is simple – a product should be admitted into drug market in your country, otherwise it may be considered illegal and it’s fully certain it may do harm to anyone who applies such a treatment.

Colloidal silver dosage – how much of a solution can you take daily?

It is quite hard to establish a minimum effective and efficacious amount of any medicinal product – patients are people at any age and of different weight. There is no average dosage, we can only speak about maximum safe amount. Any product may cause a poisoning in case of an overdose – when colloidal silver is taken into account, you may risk e.g. a serious skin discolouration and other irreversible changes in your body!

What is colloidal silver? Can it be a cure for me?

This is a mineral solution – silver nano-particles are diluted in distilled water. There are several different concentrations of the product available at the market – for oral intake, it’s better to try the weakest ones (10 or 25 ppm instead of 37,5 or 50 ppm) at the beginning. As the colloidal silver benefits are concerned, you’ll notice them gradually, day-by-day, over a longer period of time. Even if you suffer from Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis, there is a hope of remission for you. Moreover, you will improve your cognitive abilities (both short- and long-term memory) and your immune system will be much stronger!

Where to buy colloidal silver – a safe, efficacious and genuine product?

Purchase trusted products in pharmacies – only such items are acknowledged as safe medicinal products. Do not rely on your intuition and take only the recommended dosage of colloidal silver – you should use the product for a longer period of time and in a systematical manner. The rule ‘the more, the better’ does not apply in this case!