Birthday wishes for a sister

Brothers and sisters are important relatives in everyone’s life. As an outcome, you should always keep in mind their dates of birth and send birthday wishes. This section has numerous interesting birthday wishes for a sister. If you want to make your sister’s birthday happy, send her original birthday wishes.

For your birthday, remember that
Life is really a short journey.
Sister, like you makes the life an unforgettable experience.
It is worth to live for someone like you.
All the best for you, dearest Sis!

My dearest sister,
Life without you would not have taste and sense.
My sister, you are simply the best!
Let it never changes
I love you so much! Happy Birthday!
A lot of joy, love and happiness!
All the best for you!

Acquaintances and friends come and go
Some of them can disappoint you very much,
However, sister is the most faithful friend,
no matter is older or younger,
no matter if tall or short.
She always hugs, listens and gives some advice
she defences you
and never betrays.
She helps you,
laughs with you
and sometimes even gets angry with you,
but never, ever disappoints.
All the best my sister!
I wish your all dreams came true!


For your birthday I would like to send you simple birthday wishes
but it is not possible
because you mean so much to me.
I want you to be happy, healthy and find
a husband of your dreams.
All the best for you!

Birthday wishes for sister

Sister is a very important person. It is a person we spend our childhood with. For this reason, it is always worth to remember about sister’s birthday and send some nice and breathtaking birthday wishes. This website provides a lot of birthday wishes which can be sent to the sister, no matter how old is she.

1) My sister, I wish you:
to find your other half,
excellent ideas in your head,
A wardrobe full of amazing clothes,
I wish you an unforgettable holiday,
And today, I wish you the best birthday party you have every had!

2)Dear sister,
Life is really a little longer moment.
Sister, like you makes the moment an unforgettable experience.
It is worth to live for and with someone like you.
I wish we could live hundred years!

3) Acquaintances and friends come and go.
Sometimes they are very disappointing,
sister is the most faithful friend, not matter if old or young. Sister always gives a hug, listen and advise. That is why, today I wish you all the best, my sister!

4) We spent wonderful childhood together, we hid in front of our mother and play in the garden. And even today sometimes we argue but we solve our problems quickly. Dear sister, never change – all the best for your birthday!

5) My sister is the coolest, the smartest and the most beautiful! Today, we are celebrating her birthday. I wish you lots of health, love and smile on your face. Please never change! Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for sister

The siblings are the most important relatives together with our parents. As an outcome, every person should remember to send birthday wishes to sister or brother. This website is dedicated to everyone who is looking for interesting and original birthday wishes for sister.

Dear sister!
On this wonderful day, I wish you fulfilled your deepest dreams,
I wish you patience to the world around us and health, because it is important
And remember – to me you are still the same, little sister!

Dear sister!
I wish you a hundred years of love, peacefulness and sun in the sky,
a lot of happy moments with your family and friends,
foreign travels to the farthest corners of the world.
All the best for you wishes your sister.

For my sister!
On your birthday, I wish you:
A lot of sweets, which will not make you fat,
large closets with fashionable clothes,
the best cosmetics,
devoted friends who do not knock around,
a loving husband,
who will fix the sink immediately, not after six months
All the best for you wishes your sister.

My dearest sister,
I am so happy that I am still in your life even when the childhood ended long time ago.
For your birthday, I wish you a lot of smile, happiness, sunny days and fulfilment of your dreams.

For my sister,
It is another birthday that we celebrate together.
I care of you so I want to be with you that special day and
wish you much happiness, joy,
Health, success and true love!
All the best for you wishes your sister.