Birthday wishes for a daughter

Birthday of a daughter is also a special day for her mum and dad. Nevertheless, the parents sometimes have to accept that their daughter is an individual person with her own point of view. The birthday wishes for daughter should be original and personal. Learn more about those wishes at this website.


Dearest Daughter
For me, it really does not matter how old you are
For me you will always be the little girl
For your birthday, I wish you
a lot of health and sweets
All the best for you, wishes your mum

My smartest and the most beautiful princess!
let your face is always smiling and
be always healthy!
I wish you a lot of love, joy
and many adventures called growing-up
and I wish your all dreams came true!

Dear Daughter
Today on your birthday,
I can tell you how proud and happy I am
that my little girl has became such a kind,
a gorgeous, young woman.
I wish you much love and prosperity!
Your always loving, mum.

My dearest Daughter,
On this special day – your birthday
I would like to thank you for giving me
so many reasons to smile.
I wish you a lot of smile on your pretty face every day!
I love you very much, Mom.

Dear daughter,

I still remember when you were a newborn
today, you are a smart kid which surprises me every day
for your birthday, I wish you all the best
a lot of happiness and love.
All the best from your loving mum.

Birthday wishes for daughter.

Our children are special people in our lives. Every parent wants to wish them all the best but sometimes it is very hard to find the right wishes. There are a lot of different wishes and some of them can be inappropriate for the children. On this website, you will find original and funny birthday wishes dedicated to daughters.

1) My beloved daughter
I am thinking about you from early morning
On your birthday, I am sending you birthday wishes,
I hope your all dreams come true
I know that from the depth of my heart.
I wish your happiness and lots of love.

2) Today you are … years old
but in front of you is the whole world!
Do not regret anything,
Enjoy what you have achieved!
Your heart should always be pure,
so you will find good people anywhere!
remember also that I love you very much!

3)To my dearest daughter:
I wish you had:
Everything that is beautiful and perfect.
Your dreams which come true quickly!
Your life is a sweet liquid,
and all bad situations go away quickly.
Happy Birthday!

Be good.
But first for yourself.
When you will be good for yourself, the rest will turn out the way you want.
When you are good to yourself, you will not feel an obligation to meet anyone’s expectations.
You will be able to meet them, but you will not have to do it. That is freedom. And I wish you it.

5)On your birthday, I do not wish you a lot. I just want to wish you to
Be happy, brave and sensitive. Do not believe anyone who says that the sensitivity is a synonym of weakness. Sensitivity is powerful.